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Over the years we’ve completed various renovations in Vancouver. A small renovation would be maybe cosmetic updating, new doors, casings and a lick of paint. A large project would be a complete renovation of a heritage home right down to the studs. The following projects show you some of the more ‘complete’ renovations.

Kits Condo

This was a pretty tired looking ground floor one bedroom unit in Kitsilano. The impending renovation was accelerated when there was a stove top fire and the resulting acrid fumes resulted in a full demolition.

Interior photos 003

The kitchen before, through a narrow serving hatch.


The old stylish gas fireplace.

post_li 004

The original bathroom, and who said terracotta tiles had gone out of fashion.

Interior photos 014 post_li 001

A badly draining, uninviting summer bbq patio with a patch of grass.

DSC_0883 DSC_0882 DSC_0879

We couldn’t avoid the serving hatch as it was book ended by two valuable closets but we did open it up as much as we could.


New bamboo floors, elegant stainless steel gas fireplace and a lick of paint.


A badly draining patio was solved with pea gravel installed under the new patio pavers.


West Side Town House.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

The original kitchen, pretty fancy back in the day – there was even a warming drawer.

IMG_0827 IMG_0824

The ensuite – before.


The jetsons tub in the main bathroom.

DSC_0018 DSC_0016

The new ensuite. A 36″ wide tub.


A him and her custom shower, where once was the jetsons tub.



The third and final installment in the bathroom trilogy – the powder room.


The kitchen was essentially the same layout. A few modifications were an extended counter top to create a bar. The addition of a steam oven and a warming oven and an induction cook top.


Oak Street Condo.

This was a pretty straight forward renovation. A 2 bedroom 2 bathroom condo on oak st very close to downtown Vancouver. We wanted to give this condo a clean modern look – inner city living.

The master bedroom. Behind the exposed studs is the ensuite, to the right was a wardrobe.

The main bathroom. Originally the toilet was in the centre of room – an odd thing to walk into, so we swung it round to the right to go alongside of the vanity and created a better balance with the bathtub one side and the toilet and vanity on the other.998west19th_finished 019

998west19th_finished 020

The Master suite. Where once was the wardrobe, we created a walk in wardrobe which in turn leads to the ensuite bathroom. A pocket door to the walk in helps the flow in the bedroom.

998west19th_finished 022

The ensuite with custom shower.

998west19th_finished 005

The main the bathroom. Behind the photographer is the bath tub.

998west19th_finished 014

998west19th_finished 012

998west19th_finished 010

Point Grey Heritage Home.

An interesting project maintaining the heritage style of this home. A renovation had been done about 7 yrs previously however they had failed to maintain the heritage theme and some of the work was substandard.

This is the kitchen before.

This is the kitchen and family room before.

The kitchen area during the renovation. The adjoining wall to the living room was removed (there was a hutch on the living room side and we wanted that space used in the kitchen.) The chimney stack was removed, and the new furnace was side vented. The floor was previously tiled so we removed everything and this also helped us install and modify the services. It also allowed is to create a more level floor.

This is the entry that was created about 7 yrs previously. Totally out of character for this 100 yr old house.

A tired looking powder room.

The toilet was rotated 90 degrees to the right and the sink 90 degrees to the left. We then created a built in shower.  Which is to the right.

IMG_7319The original windows were of various sizes and spacing. We made everything uniform with new heritage stage wooden windows.

IMG_7303The previous tile floor was replaced with reclaimed fir flooring, that was subsequently stained and refinished. The window showing is an original that had been painted shut. All original sash windows were renovated and work smoothly now.

IMG_7318A touch of modern colour and style in the back splash tile. Cupboards for glass storage were fitted with glass shelves and illuminated from within.

IMG_7310Lighting was provided by pot lights and under counter lights. Decorative bocci lights feature above the island.

IMG_7305 IMG_7313 IMG_7304With the powder room we took the fir floors in. Reoriented the toilet and sink and built a custom shower.


IMG_7339 IMG_7337Fully tiled custom shower with tempered glass. Rain shower head and a handy niche for your shampoos.

A lot of what I have described are the fundamentals, however with this renovation there was a great amount of smaller details in maintaining the true period and character of this home. Over the years the property has been bastardised away from its original integrity. We spent alot of time reestablishing proper period detailing in the the trim work ie casings, crown moldings, windows, sills, baseboards plinths etc.

Yaletown Style North Vancouver Home.

….and here it is. A complete clear out and fresh start. The 1950’s house was gutted and replaced with a modern interior. This was one of those jobs that started small and tripled in size (and budget don’t forget). The creation of an open kitchen concept and finding a place for a laundry led to the whole house being renovated. We added an ensuite bathroom to the Master suite (reducing the number of bedrooms by one) and opened up the whole kitchen, living room and stairwell down to the basement. In the basement we sectioned off a bedroom and media room to belong to the upstairs and created a separate one bedroom suite.

The upstairs hall way. We lifted the ceiling as high as we could (right up to the roof line) to make the entry way grander.

The upstairs common bathroom.

The Master suite. You are looking through a pocket door and into the ensuite bathroom.

Here you are looking through the living room towards the kitchen. This previously had walls separating the kitchen. We removed those,  reinforced the structure and fixed the original oak floor where the walls used to be.

This is the hall/entry leading down the stair well to the basement. Plated glass without a handrail gives a clear open look and with the increase in ceiling height we were able to install an array of bocci lights.

The picture really doesn’t do this bathroom justice. The tile is limestone and the counter tops are marble. The quality of this tile actually makes it a pleasure to put in place.

This is the master suites ensuite bathroom. The same tile and countertops as the common bathroom. The shower is finished with plate glass.

Looking through the living room towards the kitchen. Kitchen cabinetry is custom built in bleached oak with white quartz counter tops.

We built a fireplace out of marble with a gas insert. The gleaming floors you can see are the original oak floors that were stained and refinished.

Capilano Home – Bathroom

This project was in a family home with a couple of bathrooms in dire need of a renovation. The customer had abandoned the project part the way through the demolition of the first bathroom (the ensuite) after it had transpired that at some point there had been an infestation of rats. (it is presently in litigation – be warned – declare all defects when you put your home on the market!)

Below there is obviously the before and after pictures of the family bathroom. All cabinetry is custom made topped with granite surfaces. The floor is ceramic tiled with infloor heating.





We also renovated their ensuite bathroom.

capilano - ensuite

capilano - ensuite

capilano - ensuite

Downtown Kitchen

We were commissioned for this kitchen project by a realtor who was doing a flip. There are a couple of interesting points in this kitchen for us. One was inventing a way to fit a clothes washer dryer into the kitchen surreptitiously. The other interesting aspect was that we were called back a few months later by the buyer to install more cabinets, and flatteringly she refused to accept anyone but us.



Below you can see where the extra cabinets went in – a seamless addition.





and the hidden washer dryer


West Vancouver Kitchen

Out came the lovely 1980’s white and pink kitchen and in went solid wood shaker style cabinets, granite counter tops and a cork floor.




Downtown Kitchen II

Usually a renovation is commissioned because the existing structure is just about falling apart or hopelessly outdated – whatever the reason the homeowners hand is forced. This one was a little different in that the existing kitchen really wasn’t that bad (in fact – true to our ethos of recycling, we were able to resell the old kitchen cabinets to a person who in turn was renovating a rental suite.) There were a few structural modifications. There was an existing door and window out to a ‘sunroom’, we took these out and opened up the walls as much as possible to make the space as much a part of the kitchen as possible. We also made more subtle modifications to create a more symmetrical kitchen that was more ‘balanced’. it can be odd in that these things are not always startlingly obvious but are more a subconscious thing (if its not wrong you don’t notice it)

the old kitchen at pacific

the old kitchen at pacific

this was the original door and window to the ‘sunroom’

pacific kitchen in construction

pacific kitchen in construction

Notice that we put up a framework on the ceiling to house pot lighting (concrete floors) and that the door and window have been removed.

pacific kitchen

pacific kitchen

pacific kitchen

pacific kitchen

Point Grey Home

This project was initially started because of some improperly installed windows. By the end we had done 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, powder room, kitchen, family room and self contained one bedroom basement suite. A lot of the progress has been covered in my daily blogs so do refer back to those to see how things were done, the ‘stages of evolution’ that they went through and the previous mistakes that we had to undone and redo. Below are a few pictures of the finished projects.

Main Floor Kitchen.

Office Area. (formerly laundry area).

Family Room.

Basement suite living room.

Office Area.

Basement Kitchen.

The basement kitchen was reconfigured by moving the sink and stove wall back, moving the fridge to a space that was previously used as a cupboard and putting another doorway in for easy access to the dining area. The kitchen cabinets were actually the old cabinets from the main floor kitchen that recycled. We had them professionally sprayed and even used the old door knobs and sprayed them a funky red colour.

North Vancouver Town Home

This project was a challenge in some respects due to the initial build (i.e not plumb, not square and just not good). There were very few options to maximise space with the original configuration so we had to be a bit more invasive. This meant taking out a cupboard and putting in structural beams above and below the level with the kitchen on (as the cupboard provided load support).

(Before pics to follow)

Below is the finished product. A custom built kitchen to accommodate corner units and the angles in the existing walls. We also fitted faux doors into the living room side of the units for aesthetic purposes. Bamboo flooring was laid throughout, leading up the stairs (with new risers and bullnoses) to the front door.

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