consulting services

We appreciate that we’re not the only renovation company around but we also appreciate there are non commercial operations out there that want to get in on the action – yes I’m talking about the home owner – the weekend warrior – the couple you see wandering the aisles of Home Depot with vacant looks on their faces. Home renovations are not rocket science however just like anything, if they are not done properly there can be dire consequences (you’ve all seen Holmes on Homes right?)  However what can compound the problem even further is the place where the mayhem is happening is the place where you are trying to live – or is it the place that you are renting out and now you have an irate tenant demanding a 100% rent reduction. With a little guidance and advice leading to forethought and planning and some secrets of the trade divulged a potential disaster can be avoided. This is where our consultancy service comes in.

We can help you design, plan and execute your own home renovation. If you don’t have the answers to the following questions then maybe you should be getting in touch.

Do I need strata council permission?

Do I need city permits?What is a permit? How many do I need?

What are the codes for my bathroom, kitchen, steps, fences, electrical, windows?

When do I need a city inspector and how do I schedule them?

Can I take that wall out? Will I be jeopardising the structural integrity of the house? Do I need to put a beam in?

How can I make my home more environmentally friendly.

Where should I put the washer, dryer, fridge, oven, dishwasher?

Where can I buy recycled and reclaimed heritage products?

…..errrr how should I design this?

We could come up with alot  more basics questions that you will be confronted with before you start your renovation but I think you’re getting the picture now.

It can be a bit daunting, but with a bit of guidance before and during your renovation it can be a fun experience. Surely that would be better than coming home every night (after a days work) and weekend to the ‘monster’ that puts a strain on your relationship and makes you question why the hell you started in the first place.

With the dramatic change in the housing market we’re expecting to see alot more renovations completed on existing residences for the benefit of the present owner as opposed to trading up. However if you are buying a house you maybe confronted with the situation of renovating once you take possession to add value and functionality to the property. It always bemuses me how many people buy properties ‘blindly’ not seeking the advice of a contractor before committing (and preferring to have faith in the usually misguided advice of a realtor – surely a conflict of interests?) Our impartial advice could save you dearly in the future.

We’re prepared to consult on presently owned personal residences, revenue properties and potential property purchases.

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