The Heritage Classic

Back in the heart of Point Grey and loving it! This is our present project – of course I’m a little tardy, so things are nearly finished. I’m not sure if its because our customers really like us (which I certainly don’t understand) or they just can’t get enough of living in dust and having the stress of a renovation encroach on their lives, but here we are again, a project multiplying in size. What started as a kitchen renovation and maybe 10 weeks work has had us on all three levels of the house and to date we’re at five months. Obviously we’re not complaining (our next customer might be, but we never leave a customer stranded). Fair enough, the removal of a chimney put us on all three floors but we stayed on them longer than intended. Previous renovation work had us doing things again – when will they listen to Mike Holmes – “Do it once and do it right.”

Now how do I say this? Fortunately we have a great relationship with our customer, a lovely woman, but we do have to say we told you so. We get no pleasure out of it honestly. The old powder room looked even worse next to the new kitchen so we had to do a little back tracking and demolish the bathroom. Then the same happened with the entry and staircase. I’m not sure what the previous renovators were thinking but they put in a god awful 1980’s style drywall/concrete stairway – in a heritage home. I mean really, come on guys. Pictures are on the way.

Its been alot of fun working on this one. We really love the heritage work – even down to refurbing the door hardware and we’ve had a fun convivial relationship with our customer – did I say she’s a lovely woman?

More stories and pictures to come, I’m sure you’re on the edge of your seat.

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