Downtown Yaletown meets North Vancouver

….and here it is. A complete clear out and fresh start. The 1950’s house was gutted and replaced with a modern interior.This was one of those jobs that started small and tripled in size (and budget don’t forget). The creation of an open kitchen concept and finding a place for a laundry led to the whole house being renovated. We added an ensuite bathroom to the Master suite (reducing the number of bedrooms by one) and opened up the whole kitchen, living room and stairwell down to the basement. In the basement we sectioned off a bedroom and media room to belong to the upstairs and created a separate one bedroom suite.

The upstairs hall way. We lifted the ceiling as high as we could (right up to the roof line) to make the entry way grander.

The upstairs common bathroom.

The Master suite. You are looking through a pocket door and into the ensuite bathroom.

Here you are looking through the living room towards the kitchen. This previously had walls separating the kitchen. We removed those,  reinforced the structure and fixed the original oak floor where the walls used to be.

This is the hall/entry leading down the stair well to the basement. Plated glass without a handrail gives a clear open look and with the increase in ceiling height we were able to install an array of bocci lights.

The picture really doesn’t do this bathroom justice. The tile is limestone and the counter tops are marble. The quality of this tile actually makes it a pleasure to put in place.

This is the master suites ensuite bathroom. The same tile and countertops as the common bathroom. The shower is finished with plate glass.

Looking through the living room towards the kitchen. Kitchen cabinetry is custom built in bleached oak with white quartz counter tops.

We built a fireplace out of marble with a gas insert. The gleaming floors you can see are the original oak floors that were stained and refinished.

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