Back into North Vancouver

Is North Vancouver a hot spot for renovations? We seem to be spending an awful lot of time there (damn those bridges). This project – like many – but particularly this project started at a moderate size (for us) and then tripled. If the customers budget can withstand it, then its obviously cost effective to tick off your wish list while we are there. You eliminate a chunk of start up and finish up time, streamline the schedule and of course get it all done at once so we don’t invade your home again and make your life a misery! We have heard many times “I wish we had……….”. Remember,  when you are putting the new next to old, it makes the old look really old. Remember its all about a good plan – and that plan can only be made by a contractor if he really knows what the customers wish list is and what the realistic budget is. There are so many consequences in a renovation its very important to know what the customer really wants. Now to our latest North Vancouver foray.

Our customer had just sold in Yaletown and exchanged their down town life for North Vancouver surburbia and family life (an impending baby always keeps us on schedule). Initially the outline was to open up the kitchen walls, put a new kitchen in and create a laundry – somewhere.

See under ‘major projects’ for the befores, during and after.

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