It maybe called duct tape……

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Can you spot the three mistakes?

Number 1.

Odd, it maybe called duct tape but its not actually for ducting. Infact its for just about every conceivable situation that needs sticking together. Apollo 13 even used to make a repair to get home safely but not for ducting – but here it is being used for ducting. 

The problem…duct tape does not adequately seal the joints and has a short lifespan. Over a three-month period in 1998, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) researchers tested duct tape and 31 other sealants under accelerated laboratory conditions that mimicked long-term use in the home. They heated air to nearly 170 degrees and chilled it to below 55 degrees before blasting it through ducts. They baked ductwork at temperatures up to 187 degrees to simulate the oven-like conditions of a closed attic under a hot summer sun.

Of all the things they tested, only duct tape failed – and they reported it failed reliably and often quite catastrophically.

Eventually it will dry up and fall off.

Did You Know?

Proper duct sealing can reduce home heating and air-conditioning costs by $60 to $120 a year.

According to the Energy Performance of Buildings Group at LBNL, each year, U.S. residential duct leakage costs consumers $5 billion. This energy loss is equivalent to:

  • The annual oil production from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
  • The annual energy consumption of 13 million cars
  • The carbon dioxide uptake of 7 billion trees is needed to offset the global warming impacts of this energy waste.

    Number 2

    You may also spot in the picture above how certain elements of the venting system for the hood fan are not even attached – and that’s how we found them. Everything really does work better if they are air tight.

    Number 3

    An articulating 90 degree elbow made from glavanised steel may have been more appropriate in this situation……and the correct tape is a HVAC foil tape.


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