The Nerve Centre

4762batch 007

The space you can see in the above picture once incorporated the stacker washer/dryer. This area is at the end of the kitchen off to one side – yes your dirty laundry for all to see. We recommended that we move the laundry down into the garage and convert this space into an office. Plumbing wise this was quite easy as the location in the garage would be right behind the wall you can see above. Off to the left is the powder room – fortunately we were also renovating that so it made access to the plumbing to flip it around fairly easy. Apart from the practicalities and the aesthetics of moving the laundry into the garage, a great benefit is if the washing machine were to flood there would be minimal damage. As it happened the old washer was leaking (albeit slowly) and this was finding its way into the basement suite. Fortuitous timing!

4762batch 085

Then the space became the temporary site office (i.e where the tea is made).

4762batch 089

and above the dry wall is in place.

Prior to dry walling the area we planned the office cables so that as many as possible were hidden.

4762batch 090

It means plenty of power points, and planning the cable outlets in conjunction with where the pc is going. We provided cables for both cable internet and ADSL. There is also telephone and electrical outlets at desk level, and we had hole drilled in the Caesar stone to take the monitor cables down below the desk and to the pc. We also embedded a 3 inch pvc pipe in the wall as a conduit from the modem area down to the pc so all cables actually ran in the wall.

4762batch 091

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