The New Furnace Part II

Just a quick update on the furnace project. We found (after quite an intrusive investigation) a complete lack of logic in the way the existing ducting was run. Some obvious ones were dampers completely closed (and no way to open them  – they were drywalled in) and some supply ducts terminated because of alterations upstairs leaving some rooms without heating completely. There’s no easy way to do it – so we pulled the basement apart to accomodate a new ducting plan. Whilst we were at it we decided to do some layout alterations to the basement suite – but that’s another story.

The basement before

basement kitchen before

basement kitchen before

and now the fun begins

basement kitchen during

basement kitchen during

basement kitchen during

there is no avoiding it, if you want to do it right just like Mike says ‘bring it all down’! This also allows us to eliminate all asbestos taping and insulation. We found that the basement was inadequately heated aswell and we found alot of supply vents located at ceiling level contradicting the basic rule of heating – hot air rises! During the assessment we were (well the funace/ducting subcontractors) vigilante to incorporate adequate return air.

I’ll update you when all the ducting is in place.


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